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I had some few time free today so ... Haruno Sakura fanart (cherry blossom) have been upgraded ^ ^)
enjoy it there : Cherry blossom by Shiroho-Art
Cheers watchers ! take care
Feb 26, 2015
:iconshiroho-art:Shiroho-Art has changed their username (formerly shiroifushicho)
Acceptance 2.0 by Shiroho-Art
Acceptance 2.0
Well... i could give the same treatment to old my old arts, but that would take a freaking long time xD
I only do that atm coz i can draw a only a little time /day
After the naruto art, i decided to give a little time to this FMA piece i loved to make...

It's far from perfect, but i only had this afternoon to work it out  ;  ;

OLD ONE : Acceptance by shiroifushicho

I hope you will enjoy it more ! (damn the old Edward face was creepy ! poor boy T .T im sorry edward ! please forgive me)

Please as always if you are new and liking my art, don't forget to like my FB page ! it means a lot to me :…
Naruto Berserk V2.0 by Shiroho-Art
Naruto Berserk V2.0
Enhanced version of one of my already existing naruto art
Here is the old one : Gimme my ramens ! by shiroifushicho
I thought it would have been a shame to let it like it was...

Some proportion were fucked up, the head mainly : far too short. I brought back the head VS body/legs prop, hands wasn't off but i succeed to make the arm longer to match with the head size up (you can notice not enough, a little lenght is still missing but i couldn't go further without sersly damaging the whole piece... so i hope it's not that shocking)

Of course i would have done far better with time, but i just few free time lately

Take care everyone ! And hurray for Naruto !

If you like it much, please come like my FB page ! it means a lot to me :…
Loeric from Soie et Tamahagane by Shiroho-Art
Loeric from Soie et Tamahagane
Concept for an enemy character in my comic project "Soie & Tamahagane"

One of my fav goals in my artlife is to make people fall in love with a character which possess a iroquoi haircut and punk style. It's kinda really hard, because you can find this style widely used in films, comics, stories and tons of clichés falling upon these people. So in Soie & Tamahagane i hope you will find beside Loeric appearence the story i wanna tell you bad which i tried to make untold, shocking and full of strong feelings. I really hope someday i will win my bet and this guy reminded in some heads ! (for that ofc i have to succeed a release T .T)

and ofc you can expect it's not a weak character, his abilities with his atypical wide shaped sword are incredible

Sorry for the few posts lately, my health is not at the top sadly, but im on it !

If you like this art ! please please ! don't forget to like my FB page, it means a lot to me :…


Retaureau Antoine
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
Current Residence: Rambouillet (France)
Favourite genre of music: classic, then metal (hard rock too)
Favourite style of art: manga (with a touch of real)
Favourite cartoon character: Kuja (final fantasy 9)
My facebook page (Please make it grow ! For now that's the best to follow me) :…


Hey there dear followers,

Today i have something really important to announce, the time comes to change my artist name "Shiroifushicho". In art field, i noticed during the time that a name is extremly important.
to sum up the thing, for the past years this old complicated nickname brought me so much complications i cannot even imagin the opportunities i missed.

Clients and other professional's doubting each other, trying, questionning the aweful sound it makes, "shirowffffisitagain?"
i honestly got a big handful of pretty embarrassing situations i think you can easily imagine.
Even my own follower people can forget it, not memorize it, can't really share and spread it to some my eyes that's the worst part of the story.
And finally the meaning is off too, Japan mates doesn't get it because it doesn't mean anything but a mistake in japanese, i wasn't really skilled in japanese at that time tbh.

So I don't really have the choice to take this decision later, i got to fix this now once for all.
And sadly im not one of those so much talented artists you take really much time to memorize their real names, artist names even if they are complicated.
Im definitly not legendary so i can't afford that, really.I need something short, sharp, and still in the spirit i had so far because i can't betray the fact i love my symbols and japan world.

For now on, i will be "Shirohô", 3 syllables for a fun jpn wordplay. I really like it i should be really fine with it and though i promise i won't change it ever again now.

What you can do now ? well, im counting on each one of you to meet me again at the new fb page (…/The-a…) and start to carve that new name everywhere and in every head you can !

cheers and a early happy new year !


You can ask for your original Character ofc, favorite movie character, favorite manga character, monsters and dragons too, also robots, vehicles, anything you want or you ever imagined.
You will have to join a description file (.txt or word) of the entire scene if there is, the character(s) or at least the more details you can (this step is positive for you, all custom). The better is to let me the composition work and characters poses, but you can ask too ofc.

The only rule is : delay is mine, because of my condition (i got a severe disease for those who don't know). But don't worry you ll have your art in a reasonnable delay (unless get to be dead haha)
Paiement first and on the first time i create/begin your file.
*You ll get the full resolution file (often a heavy resolution file, so you can make sometimes really big posters)
*You ll own all the art rights. You will be able to copy it and even sell copies it if you want to. But i ll keep the permission to keep it on my books/websites on low/med resolution.

Prices :

60 euros (Character, colored (Simple shades), no/poor background) 38hours (1 week of work)
80 euros (character, colored (complexe shades), Smooth background) 45-50hours (1,5 weeks of work)
130 euros (1,2,3 character (depends on composition), colored (complexe shades), smooth background) 65hours (2 weeks of work)
250 euros (1 character (ultra detailed), colored (complexe shades), complexe background) 90hours (2,5weeks of work)
350 euros (1,2,3,+ character (depends on the composition), colored (complexe shades), complexe background) 100hours+ (1 month of work)

Email me :
P.S. : You can ask a custom price is you have another idea (like Black and white picture, only a lineart to colour it yourself, a custom settings scene, flat colours no shadows,etc). Don't hesitate to make your own price offer, i prefer that you ask if you have an idea. If i am not cool with it i ll just say no it's okay : )

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